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ASX & Company announcements

EOR Activities Statement as at Jan 2020

EOR Appendix C as at Jan 31 2020

EOR Change of Directors Interest Notice

EOR New Issue Announcement

EOR results of meeting Nov 28 2019

EOR Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form (30 Oct 2019)

EOR Constitution as of 18 Oct 2019

EOR Appendix 3B Oct 17 2019

EOR Appendix 4G Aug 2019

EOR Financial Report 2019

Becoming a substantial holder

Appendix 3B Aug 27 2019

EOR Appendix 4E Aug 23 2019

EOR Change in substantial holding Aug 28 2019

EOR Notice of initial substantial holder Aug 23 2019

EOR Appendix 3B August 2019

EOR Appendix 4C quarterly – June 2019

Quarterly Activities Report – July 2019

EOR results of meeting July 30 2019

EOR Notice of consolidation/split July 30 2019